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Explore a range of commercial lighting fixtures for your home and office.

LED Refrigerated Display Lighting

Decorate your home appliances with custom RBG and elegant lights.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Choose from a wide range of décor lighting fixtures for your interiors and exteriors.

Current Closes Largest LED Deal In History

Current becomes the first-ever manufacturer to close the largest deal in the LED manufacturing industry. The new projects will give us insight into their vision in using LED in various applications.


  • I am happy that I found this platform right when I was remodeling my home. I found the right lights for my home. I also want to thank the agent who helped me plan my living space with the right ideas.

    Virginia T Hamilton

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GE Facilities Lighting Upgrade

Visit our store to experience the best tour for lighting fixtures and plan your new home fixtures with the help of an expert.

Energy & Utility Rebate Central

We have the best manufactures that bring us high-quality energy-saving and durable LED products. We offer the highest standards while serving our customers.

LED Education & LED Reliability

LEDs are the most reliable and cost-efficient lighting fixtures available today. Learn about the benefits of LEDs for eco-friendly living.

Transportation LED Lighting

Find the best-LED lighting system for your automobiles. We provide a free demonstration for all our lighting systems, so you find the right LEDs for your car.

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How to Design a Good Lighting System

How to Design a Good Lighting System

Residential and commercial properties require natural lighting during the day, which the windows can provide adequately. As the sky turns dark, a proper lighting system is what these structures require. It is also undeniably true that commercial buildings need a …
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